Metal Chair & Iron Chair
Istanbul Sanat Wrought Iron

Metal Chair & amp; Thanks to its ease of use and comfort, the Iron Chair has always been indispensable for outdoor spaces, offices and your home. Metal chairs and iron chairs that you can use in cafes, restaurants, offices, gardens, balconies and many areas suitable for your project; It is a durable product that you can easily use in many areas without causing problems such as wear and tear. In addition, metal chairs and iron chairs provide great ease of use thanks to their light weight.

Solid Iron, Precision Workmanship

Metal chair and iron chair thanks to the solid structure of the iron and its suitable weight; It fits more firmly on the ground than its counterparts in your garden, marble, carpet, parquet, or in areas covered with grass. Ergonomically produced metal chairs and iron chairs are a healthy product for your body health.

Diversity and Harmony

Metal Chair & amp; A cushion, veneer or wood can be applied on the Iron Chair. In addition, chairs in any color can be produced according to your project and request. This provides both a variety in appearance and applicability according to the area of ​​use. The design is completely shaped by your preferences.

Metal Chair & amp; The Iron Chair can be designed to be used not only outdoors but also indoors as home and office decor.